As a Vice President, talent and culture, you will be responsible through the initiatives of your team, to develop and execute the talent and culture strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization especially in areas of talent management and continuous learning.

You will provide strategic leadership by articulating the talent and culture needs and plans and execute upon that strategy to build a best in class function.

Main responsibilities:

As a part of your duties, you will be assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Securing the talent and culture strategy to the overall corporate strategy;
  • Participate and influence in the evolution of the corporate mindset when it comes to the lean management approach and culture;
  • Maintain and improve on the current talent strategy when it comes to attract and develop;
  • Increase the efficiency of the “technology as a leverage tool” strategy;
  • Through a structuring and methodical approach, complete phase I of the current organization’s evolution plan and initiate Phase II, which consists of the automating and rescaling portion of the plan;
  • Through various initiatives of all team members, bring the talent and culture function to the desired level of strategic impact;
  • Oversee the implementation and operational execution of the human resources programs and monitor the administration of established procedures while striving to identify opportunities for improvement.

Key Attributes: Education, Experience, Competencies and Behaviors

Required Experience

20 + years in human resources management or equivalent roles, having held senior roles in recognized organizations:

  • Experienced in an environment going through an evolution mode;
  • Ability to thrive where one needs to constantly find added value in all initiatives;
  • Ability to navigate in an environment where the precision of information and data is key;
  • Having relevant experience in using technology as a tool to transform processes and mindset.

Academic Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Commerce or related field.

Knowledge and skills required

  • Influence based leadership style is required;
  • Experience in being a change agent is important as the organization is going through an evolution mode;
  • Value-added based manager who thrives on developing talent and on delegating authority;
  • Excellent communication skills as the Vice President, talent and culture will constantly work as part of various teams and will also present in front of various executive teams;
  • Executive with the ability to develop a clear vision for his vertical and with the ability to communicate it to his team as well as to the rest of the organization.
  • The retained candidate will have to be very comfortable with technology as well as data analytics;
  • Experience interacting with international divisions would be an asset;
  • Complete bilingualism is required.

Why join the Company?

  • Excelling in one of our multi-disciplinary teams responsible for organizational development, talent acquisition or compensation and benefits;
  • Optimizing operational processes and methods according to Lean management principles, always putting the client front and center, in order to maintain our company’s key market position;
  • Guiding managers in the development and implementation of recruitment strategies and talent selection in order to hire the resources that best meet their business needs as well as those of the company;
  • Ensuring pay equity throughout the company and offering our employees a range of competitive benefits that enhance their well-being and motivate them to stay with the company.

– The masculine gender is used throughout this document solely to facilitate reading and has no discriminatory intent.-

Normand Lebeau, CPRH.
President & Chief Guardian of the Mandrake Experience
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