The Director, Health and Wellness is responsible for enhancing the overall wellness and health of the organization including their global sites. In addition, the incumbent will oversee the Medical Centres across Canada.



  • Oversee the Medical clinic activities.
  • Manage the number of activities related to the delivery of medical care and clinical services such as cost management, utilization review, quality assurance, and medical protocol development.
  • Design and implement policies and procedures that improve overall health and wellbeing of our employees.
  • Present regular updates and reports on the progress of the population and how it has improved since the implementation of health programs.
  • Support in Human Resources and labour relations in complex cases that involve a medical aspect.
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations about industrial hygiene and surveillance.
  • Manage and improve processes on an ongoing basis to be aligned with local laws and best practices.
  • Collaborate with business leaders to help prevent illness and disease within a facility while improving overall health.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information related to employees.
  • Participate in various administrative and clinical staff meetings.
  • Manage the medical team in such a way as to engage employees, develop them, and coach them.
  • Manage the clinic activities:
  • Surveillance examinations (periodic vison stamp, transport Canada).
  • Disability management.
  • Accommodation/maintenance to work.
  • Manage all paper works with the insurance company and Human Resources payroll.
  • Manage work compensation files.
  • Manage all manager and HR requests about duration of absences.
  • Plan and manage the budget.
  • Manage staff and health professionals based on needs.
  • Involve in HR and labour relations to manage more complex cases that involve a medical aspect.
  • Manage substance use cases.
  • Support managers for specific employee health needs.
  • Manage the insurance company and all other health vendors.
  • Manage the office ergonomics support.
  • Manage CNESST and WSIB.
  • All employees involved in an incident are evaluated by a nurse (in some cases by a physician).
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations about industrial hygiene and surveillance.
  • Manage executive’s health assessments.
  • Manage and improve processes on an ongoing basis to be aligned with local laws and best practices.
  • Manage the Covid-19 situation.
  • Analyze the situation with each employee.
  • Complete the epidemiological history for each case.
  • Oversee the vaccine clinic to vaccinate 30,000 people.
  • Involve with the Quality team to improve tests.
  • Work with first responders to validate processes and trainings.
  • Validate communication to adapt to the Canadian reality.
  • Manage of all traveller/expatriate’s programs.


Global Mental Health & Wellness Strategy:

  • Build the Health & Wellbeing annual programming based on data analysis and develop the ongoing mental health strategy also based on data analysis for Canada and their global sites (including Poland, US, China, Singapore, Brazil & UK)
  • Oversee the Employee and Family Assistance Program and manage the roll-out for our global sites
  • Plan, develop and coordinate monthly communications tools and strategies with the communication team.
  • Manage the ambassador network.
  • Provide presentations to managers and employees about health and mental health.
  • Manage and assess health vendors.
  • Manage the OSMET study (University study on mental health)
  • Create awareness about mental health with leaders.
  • Develop the plan to mitigate organizational risk factors / change management.
  • Develop training and tools to managers.
  • Develop the measurement strategy.
  • Develop and deploy trainings on mental health to ensure a high participation rate.


Education, Experience, competencies, and behaviors:

  • Medical Degree is mandatory.
  • Valid license to practice medicine required.
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in clinical medicine.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French and English.
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Experience in a corporate medical facility (an asset).
  • Project Management.
  • Excellent planning skills.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Discreet, professional, and respectful of confidentiality.
  • Ability to deal with unforeseen and complex situations and ability to work under pressure.
  • Excellent sense of organization and priority management.
  • Professionalism and diplomacy.
  • Demonstrate rigor and precision.
  • Analytical skills and judgment to solve problems.
  • Results oriented.
  • Customer oriented.
  • Teamwork oriented.
  • Business insight.
  • Strategic perspective.
  • Talent development.
  • Good ability to influence.


Key Challenges:

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the business model, operations, internal relations, and critical medical issues.
  • Understand the challenges and operation of the medical department, take charge of the processes, integrate, and quickly establish credibility while maintaining a high level of collaboration with members of the Human Resources and Medical departments.
  • Develop and implement a Global Wellness Program that meets the needs of employees in terms of support, services, activities, etc. while respecting the particularities of the company.
  • Develop solid partnership relations with the unions in place to have a good understanding and effective management of occupational health issues (physical health, mental health, occupational diseases, etc.).
  • Ensure post-Covid transition management, reposition priorities, develop a strategy linked to new priorities.
  • Optimize the various key performance indicators and associated dashboards to monitor medical and wellness programs progress and impact.


Why join the company?

  • Join a solid organization, well established and oriented towards innovation and research and development.
  • Actively participate in culture change and the implementation of a program dedicated to the well-being of employees at work.
  • Join a winning team of highly qualified individuals who are working within an outstanding culture and work environment: structured and respectful.


Isabelle Girard

Vice President & Practice Leader


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