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Advertising & marketing communications

Building brand awareness and differentiating products and services are critical to a company’s success and growth objectives. To help you achieve this, you need top notch advertising and marketing communications talent.

Mandrake | Montreal has decades of experience recruiting executives, account managers, and creative talent for a wide range of clients. Our consultants, with their industry expertise, market knowledge and global reach, can help you recruit the best advertising and marketing communications talent from around the world. Whether you’re a national ad agency, a multinational corporation or a local small business, we can find the talent you need to move your brand forward. We have expertise in brand management, packaging, public relations, television, radio, publishing, direct mail, outdoor advertising, internet marketing, mobile marketing and more.

Business to business

The tremendous volume of Business to Business (B2B) transactions far outnumber Business to Consumer activities. The end product or service reaching the consumer is just one cog in the greater vehicle of industrial and supply transactions that occur “behind the scenes.” The vast number and variety of B2B organizations in today’s economy make this sector a highly active and competitive marketplace. As a result, B2B companies require the best talent to help them satisfy their clients and stay competitive. We’ve been following the evolution of the B2B industry over the years to better understand our clients’ human capital requirements and expectations.

As a result, Mandrake | Montreal consultants know and have access to the best B2B talent available. From small startups to large multinational corporations, we recruit experts in areas including general management, sales, marketing, finance, information technology and human resources.

Civil engineering

Our civil engineering recruiters fully understand that construction projects in the civil engineering industry operate on tight deadlines and must be on time and on budget for profit margins to be met. Therefore, when a critical resource need presents itself, speed and reliability are essential to find an ideal candidate. Our team of civil engineering recruiters is made up of individuals who have many years of industry-specific experience and who have built long-term, direct relationships with business owners, developers, decision makers and candidates throughout the industry. These key alliances, coupled with solid experience on the ground, are what separate Mandrake | Montreal from other recruiting firms.

We are much more than a traditional headhunting or recruiting firm because we specialize in time-critical and difficult hires of technical talent for mid- to senior-level positions. Our clients call on us to find qualified, exceptional people to fill positions in their company.

Clean technology

Clean Technology, or "CleanTech" companies create and use innovative technologies to make products and deliver services that people want while reducing the impact on the environment. By using renewable materials and sustainable energy sources, they avoid waste, reduce emissions and preserve natural resources. CleanTech companies offer a range of solutions and benefits and can be found across industry sectors. They are emerging to be highly competitive and sought after by consumers, employees and investor groups. Increase in worldwide demand for clean technology has driven rapid growth of this industry, and we're excited to be involved.

As your CleanTech partner, Mandrake | Montreal will source talent to help your company enter, grow and succeed in the global clean technology marketplace. We work closely with clients to hire professional teams skilled in developing and executing business strategies designed to achieve their immediate and long-term objectives. We work with both start-ups and mature companies in Advance Materials and Nanotechnology, Energy Generation, Storage and Infrastructure, Materials Recovering and Recycling, Waste Treatment and Alternative Energy Production, Water Remediation, Smart Grid and other CleanTech areas.


The construction recruiters at Mandrake | Montreal know that construction is a fast-paced industry, moving on tight deadlines and requiring an experienced person to keep projects on track. For this reason, it is often crucial that management-level positions be filled as quickly as possible in order to ensure corporate success. Unfortunately, finding the right candidates for these positions can be frustratingly difficult. With the assistance of an experienced executive recruitment agency, however, the hiring process is significantly less complicated and much faster.

Mandrake | Montreal has made its mark in personnel recruitment. We focus our efforts on jobs in the construction, engineering, architectural and building industries, to name a few. Our mission is quite simple: to make successful matches and build long-lasting relationships. In short, we pride ourselves on being industry experts, and we are ready to put our experience and connections to work for you.

Consumer products & services

Fast-moving consumer goods businesses face increasing challenges competing and innovating in the creation and expansion of global and regional brands. Mandrake has been the Canadian industry leader in executive search in this sector for the past 40 years. As the Canadian consumer goods industry continues to flourish and evolve in an increasingly global direction, the demand for classically trained consumer goods executives continues to increase.

Mandrake | Montreal has decades-long knowledge of the most respected consumer goods companies, which remain excellent training grounds for the marketers and business leaders of tomorrow. Our consultants know the best talent across the consumer products and services marketplace. Some of the industry and functional areas we service include:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Confection & Snacks
  • Household Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Beer, Wine & Alcohol
  • Home Improvement
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • General Management
  • Sales & Customer Marketing
  • Category Management
  • Marketing & Research
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Supply Chain & Operations
  • Research & Development
  • Human Resources
  • Retail Operations



There is an increasing demand for digital capabilities in most any modern company. Customers and businesses rely on digital channels to exchange information and facilitate transactions for products and services. Companies also use digital technology for market research, brand building and target marketing.

At Mandrake | Montreal, we follow the rapidly changing digital landscape and connect with established and emerging leaders in the digital space. Whether you’re a large corporation that needs to catch up to industry trends or an exciting new startup on the cutting edge of technology, our Digital consultants recruit top industry talent including experts in social networking, SEO, mobile applications, and e-commerce and more.

Education & arts

Education and arts organizations are constantly under financial and competitive pressures. Educational institutions are themselves charged with creating future leaders of the mind. Arts initiatives are challenged with creating beautiful and sometimes controversial cultural and human experiences. They both need leaders who are not only passionate but also strategic about their mission to perpetuate excellence in intellectual and creative pursuits.

Mandrake | Montreal helps these organizations identify and attract established and emerging leaders who have the experience and passion necessary to succeed. We recognize that arts and educational institutions are unique and each project is assigned a dedicated team with the right combination of functional and subject matter expertise. Our education and arts clients include preparatory schools, colleges, universities, foundations and more.



The engineering recruiters at Mandrake | Montreal know that engineering firms have unique requirements for their technical, executive and design teams. These various positions require specific academic training and particular technical expertise, depending on the specialization, be it in electrical, mechanical, civil, building, pharmaceutical or chemical engineering. If your company is in need of a technical or executive team member, retaining the services of a professional recruiting firm may be the right move.

We maintain a close relationship with candidates across Canada in order to match people with available positions. Our team carefully considers the qualities you are looking for in a future manager in order to make contact with the right individuals who can add value to your team. Selecting a highly qualified engineer or manager can drastically improve the quality of technical design and implementation in a civil or engineering firm. With the right talent at the top, a business can ensure it is operating effectively at optimal efficiency, thus providing clients with the products and services they want.

As engineering firms expand to accommodate new technology, demands and market opportunities, your company may be looking to make valuable additions to your team. The executive recruitment specialists at Mandrake | Montreal can help you find talent to fill executive positions in fields such as:

  • Civil engineering
  • Architecture
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automation
  • Industrial engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mining
  • Oil, gas and petroleum products
  • Renewable energy
Financial services

The global financial landscape is becoming more complex with increasing regulations and frequent company restructuring. As the industry evolves, so too have the skills and background for those working within it. Financial services firms are looking for leaders with the expertise and experience to seamlessly manage change and implement compliance measures.

At Mandrake | Montreal, our consultants have broad and deep access to international talent in all areas of finance, including wealth management, insurance, investment banking and consumer finance.

Government & public sector

Local, national and global, government and public sector service delivery is becoming ever more challenging. Amalgamations, taxpayer relief, restructuring of responsibilities, outsourcing, continuous improvement initiatives and competing priorities of constituents require innovative leadership at every level. Not only do hiring mistakes in government and public sector organizations result in financial losses, they also erode public trust and political support.

At Mandrake | Montreal, our consultants have a pulse on the current political landscape and keep current with public policy developments. We work with clients to recruit only the best and most experienced candidates in government and public sector organizations including municipal, provincial and federal government and regulatory, lobbying and advocacy agencies.

Health care

With rapidly changing demographic realities including an aging population, the health care market is facing a growing variety of challenges. Success in this industry depends on innovation, research and development and forward-thinking leadership skills, alongside an extensive working knowledge of the continuously changing regulatory landscape. To succeed in this innovative environment, health care organizations need to be increasing flexible.

At Mandrake | Montreal our consultants are experts with extensive industry knowledge and networks. This expertise and reach allows us to connect clients with the talent they need to move their organizations forward.  Our clients include hospitals, research institutions and home care organizations.


The leisure and hospitality sectors are highly vulnerable to fluctuating market conditions.  In times of economic downturn, demand for leisure pursuits may decline but consumer expectations continue to rise.  Increasing globalization, emerging market development and growth of the online market are changing the landscape of the hospitality sector. Many companies are now recruiting top executives from other consumer and technology areas who can bring new skills to their organizations in order to help drive long-term growth strategies.

At Mandrake | Montreal, our consultants have the knowledge, expertise and reach to bridge this gap. Our clients in the hospitality sector include restaurants, hotels, car rental agencies and travel organizations.

Manufacturing & Industrial

While there is tremendous diversity in the manufacturing and distributions industries, they must all be able to adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics. To compete in today’s global economy, manufacturing and distribution organizations need leaders with experience in local and emerging markets.

Mandrake | Montreal consultants in this practice have specific industry knowledge and far-reaching networks to identify and recruit the right executives for a number of industrial companies, from startups to large multinational corporations. Our clients include companies in the automotive, machinery, equipment and transportation industries.


Natural resources

The natural resources industry sector is becoming increasingly relevant not only locally but around the world. The extraction, distribution, use and sustainability of our natural resources must be well understood and effectively managed now more than ever. As a result, opportunities for leadership in a number of areas related to natural and alternative resources are emerging.

Mandrake | Montreal consultants who work in this sector recruit top talent with cross-functional experience for natural resource organizations including those that specialize in alternative energy, oil & gas, minerals and forestry.



Not-for-Profits are among the most resource-challenged and highly scrutinized organizations. They compete for limited funds and are expected to deliver exceptional results.

Mandrake | Montreal consultants in this sector understand what it takes to be successful in these organizations. Leaders must know how to build brand power and operate lean as well as be flexible and well-connected. Our clients include educational, government, cause-related and fundraising organizations.

Private equity

Private equity firms require leaders with the background, experience and flexibility to set objectives and make critical investment and operational decisions involving a number of complex factors.

At Mandrake | Montreal, our Private Equity consultants work with clients to understand their unique situations and requirements. With global connections to top talent, we recruit executives to join private equity firms, lead portfolio companies, manage due diligence efforts and oversee mergers and acquisitions across a number of industries.


The retail marketplace is highly competitive, with consumers having more choice and greater expectations than ever. From service  and quality concerns to price pressures, retail operations need to constantly monitor and respond to the needs and demands of their customers. Retail organizations need experienced executives with expertise in a broad range of functions from marketing to sales to finance. Creative and conceptual leaders are required to build brand power and drive operational, customer and quality excellence.

Consultants in Mandrake | Montreal’s retail practice have extensive knowledge of the industry and have access to the best talent in mass market, department store, food, drug, fashion, luxury goods, online and multi-channel retail organizations.

Small medium enterprise

Small business is the cornerstone of a thriving economy. Typically, when people hear "small business" they tend to think of "mom & pop shops." In reality, small business has a much deeper and wider reach. From start-ups to mature companies that have been operating for generations, small business is big business. Small businesses and public organizations have many of the same challenges and concerns. However, the structure, relationships and operations in a small business present them with unique challenges all their own.

At Mandrake | Montreal, our Small Business consultants work with clients to understand their unique situations and requirements.