Our Executive Services


Organizational Planning

We understand the importance of hiring “the best” talent in today’s marketplace. The talent hired and trained today will largely influence a company’s success in the future.

Mandrake | Montreal ,as an executive service partner to your company, proposes sharing our numerous years of business knowledge and partnering with you and your associates in a number of organizational planning areas.

Project Management

Mandrake | Montreal has refined the executive search process to focus on the key priorities of our customer – hiring “the best” talent, while managing an efficient and effective search that maintains the integrity of their company and culture, and presents the appropriate public relations message to candidates in the marketplace. Mandrake | Montreal will work with you and your colleagues to tailor our search process to fit with your requirements.


Work profiling

Our experience tells us that most companies do not practice proper due diligence in preparing to enter the marketplace to hire. Most companies rely on historical records, and the initiative of individual employees to prepare a position description, which supports the hiring guidelines established to attract the “ideal candidate".

Although we believe there is merit in this process, it is lacking key elements that work profiling provides in a structured approach, allowing knowledgeable colleagues and job incumbents to identify the specific behavioral elements or tasks within the job.

Employment Trends and Industry Intelligence

Our firm manages several search projects each year. Our search work at the President and Executive Team level gives us unique insight into the future direction of business in the marketplace. Our sister company’s mid-career practice gives us a window to what is happening in today’s marketplace. As a business partner, Mandrake | Montreal is available to your company’s business leaders to discuss our perspective on their marketplace dynamics.

Industrial Psychologists

Some organizational planning services are only provided through registered industrial psychologists.

Mandrake | Montreal has developed strategic alliances with specialists in this field and would be pleased to make recommendations that best suit your requirements.